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No joke! Can fermented bean curd be carcinogenic? The answer is so! It's not too late to know

Issuing time:2020-04-20 00:00Author:李子

Source: 李子说美食

In Chinese food culture, we grind beans, beat them, and press them into tofu, create special environments to make them long hair, sour, and even become stinky, and finally make tofu milk, stinky tofu, and tofu with "unique" flavor bean products. Many people like to eat very much, but there are also many people who are worried about whether it will be "carcinogenic" or "unhealthy."

So, are soy products such as tofu milk and tempeh, delicious in the world, or problematic food?

Tofu milk is called "Oriental Cheese". It is a fermented soybean product made from tofu, fermented by specific molds, and then pickled with salt and various spices. Because it tastes similar to cheese, it has a delicate texture and a special umami. After being fermented like cheese, it is rich in protein and calcium. It tastes silky and smooth, and it melts at the entrance. It is loved by countless people and is a long-lasting delicious dish.

Whether compared to cheese or its raw material, soy bean curd has unique advantages in nutrition. After soybeans are fermented into fermented soybeans, the activity of soy isoflavones is significantly increased, and the antioxidant capacity is also greatly enhanced; fermented soybeans contain unsaturated fatty acids and no cholesterol, so eating fermented soybeans is more healthy than eating high-cholesterol cheese; meanwhile, After tofu is made into tofu, peptides and free amino acids are produced, making the protein more easily digested and absorbed by the body.

But there is a disadvantage of bean curd that needs special attention: it contains more sodium! So particularly salty! So don't eat too much. If you want to use it for cooking, it is best to prepare tofu, and reduce the amount of salt.

The appearance of fermented bean curd glows with a rare golden light. The inside of white tenderness like sheep's fat must be soft and delicate, not scattered, not broken. Once you enter, the texture is smooth and soft, delicious and delicious, and the essence of flavor strikes you. The taste buds melt away at the entrance. Fermented bean curd is absolutely a must-have food for dinner. It can be served with rice, noodles, congee, and steamed buns for cooking. It is also an excellent condiment.

In the morning, I drink a bowl of white porridge with fermented bean curd. In my spare time, stew a pot of fermented bean curd trotters, which is tired and fragrant; It's perfect ~ The charm of Oriental cheese is fascinating and easy to satisfy.

In the Chinese diet, fermentation is a fascinating process of change: soybeans are fermented into flavorful soy products; grains are fermented into mellow wines; doughs are fermented into delicious buns and bread ... It has its laws and reasons. Therefore, the "circulation of tofu milk can cause cancer" circulating on the Internet is actually inaccurate. No matter what food, just follow: "I love to eat + moderate amount", there will be no problem.