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Yuxiang, tastes good, makes good!
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Company vision is the soul and blood of a company that exists  anytime and anywhere. We have developed from Yuxiang Bean Curd Factory to Yuxiang Sauce Ltd, from a five person manual workshop to a 100 employees fully automatic production enterprise. We always adhere to the following company mission and culture:

Company Mission: named after our hometown, fought for our society, take from our people and give to our people.

Company culture: Integrity brings treasure, Quality drives advance, Sincerity attracts customer, and Trust builds prosperity.

Company spirit: quality, integrity, responsibility and transcendence.

Business management philosophy: focused, professional and dedicated.

Yuxiang Sauce is different from many other businesses in its starting up background, as it was a project initiated by the village production team and it was named after our hometown, which has built a strong connection between the company and our society.

Yuxiang Sauce was born in the famous hometown of fish and rice, so we have a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture - "food is everything to people"; Yuxiang was breaded in the rural grassroots, in which we have experienced  difficulties of meeting basic needs in living, hence we have a deeper understanding in diligent and thrifty.


Since establishment, Yuxiang has experienced the country's economic reform and open up, and witnessed the great initiative of our Communist party combining the basic socialist system with the market-oriented economy and establishing the socialist market economy system. We have seized the opportunity and kept pace with the rapid development of China's economy and the basis of the continuous improvement of China's system. Today, we look forward to reaching more milestones in next ten years, by following the country's progress and the government's guidance.  

Our strategic goals in the next decade:

3-year goal: to enrich our products by adding a variety of packages, flavours and expanding market segments in our domestic market; to expand our market coverage, greatly enhance our brand awareness, and rapidly increase sales volume throughout the country.

5-year goal: to diversify our product range, introducing product range on top of our soya bean derived products; to export into other markets in the globe.

10-year goal: to expand the industrial sectors of the company, from sauce and condiment production to catering、 trading and other related industries that can contribute more to the company and to our society.

All above goals mean greater challenges to us. To step up to the challenges, we must set our company mission as our direction, use our company culture and company spirit as our guidance, and to use our business management philosophy as a tool,  always being focused, professional and dedicated to our businesses and stakeholders.

Yuxiang, tastes good, makes good!

People oriented

We always adhere to the principle of using the most appropriate package and personnel development plans to attract and retain the best talents. Employees are the foundation and the fundamental driving force of our company. Every employee's hard work has directly linked to Yuxiang's success today.

Quality is the key

Quality is the only key to the market and to stay in the competition. With the most rigorous attitude and system, the company requires all employees to adhere to our company mission, company culture and our management philosophy, in order to provide our customer with the best quality products and services.

Progress is the spur

Yuxiang is always driven by progress and improvements. Everyone in the company strikes to make the company to be the best in our field. We don't just work hard to be an excellent producer, but we also work hard to be a better employer to our employees, and a better entity in our society.

In the 40-year journey, Yuxiang's every employee has kept the company mission close at heart and applied our company culture, spirit and business management philosophy in our daily business practices, and which has built the foundation of providing excellent product and service quality to our customers.

Yuxiang Sauce was started from scratch, risen from nothing to today's success that was a long journey, but with full of joy and satisfactions. Remaining true to our original aspirations and keeping our mission firmly in mind is rooted in our company culture.

Our brand culture has a direct connection with our company culture and our deep connection with our society. Our products are amiable, homely, practical and good value for money. We would like to make your recipes and dinning affordable, tasty, healthy and fun!